A ›Crisis of Whiteness‹ in the ›Heart of Darkness‹ – New book published on Racism and the Congo Reform Movement

A new book has been published on the Congo Reform Movement in December 2020 (E-Book January 2021). Felix Lösing’s historical-sociological study maintains that racism and a commitment to white supremacy was the main catalyst of the campaign against the Congo Scandal in the late 19th and early 20th century. Instead of trivializing or denying, research should acknowledge the colonial and racist founding of the modern human rights movement, the book argues, to develop a truly universal future of human rights.

For more details including an extract and information on how to purchase the book, please follow the link below.https://www.transcript-publishing.com/978-3-8376-5498-1/a-crisis-of-whiteness-in-the-heart-of-darkness/

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